Manaccan, Cornwall – Badger sett exclusion

Following consultation with Western Power Distribution (WPD) a private developer looking to join their development to the electricity network had been told their only option for sufficient power was to replace the older and inadequate infrastructure serving the site. The problem was that the two existing cable poles along with the infrastructure housing the transformer that needed replacing were situated in the middle of a very established and large badger sett.

As experts in finding solutions to badger related challenges, Green Ecology were ask to find a method of replacing the electrical infrastructure whilst remaining within the requirements of a Natural England licence.

First an innovative approach was devised and agreed with the client and WPD before being put to Natural England with the aim of securing a licence to allow the works to proceed. Natural England granted the licence and due to their senior badger expert being impressed with the expertise and approach being shown by Green Ecology they requested that their case officer come along to the live badger dig to learn from the Green Ecology team.

The works went well, involving a live dig to temporarily dig back a working area for the heavy WPD machinery with no badgers being harmed, the client getting their connection to the grid on time and WPD having their network down for a shorter period than planned. New tunnels were created where they had been damaged by the works to ensure there was absolutely no chance any badger could be left trapped and the farmers field was returned to a better state than it was before the works started.